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Highlights from a few projects in 2019 


Thanks to the generosity of contributing Roundup Riders, the Heritage and Trails Foundation has been able to make some important and significant grants for trail work and improvement projects around Colorado.  The foundation receives funding requests from many organizations and many U. S. Forest Districts

Colorado Mountain Club

$8,000.00 to support 2019 trail maintenance and corridor-clearing projects in the Paonia District of Grand Mesa Uncompahgre and Gunnison National Forest and Saguache District of Rio Grande National Forest. Projects will include “cut and run” tree removal projects and improvement of accessibility and safety along trails.

Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado

$10,000.00 to support 2019 projects involving trail maintenance and restoration work in various locations of high equestrian use.  It is anticipated there will be ten projects involving 304 volunteers for some 5,510 hours of work.  Some of the areas where the work will take place include the Flat Tops, the Pike National Forest, Golden Gate State Park, the Colorado State Forest, and the Rio Grande National Forest.

Evanston-Mountain View Ranger District of the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National

$10,000 for two projects within the district.  The first is the reconstruction of portions of the Hoop Lake Campground buck/pole fence.    The campground is within a permitted cattle allotment.  The fence serves to keep the cattle out of the area and give the users some separation.   The other project involves the blading of the Forest Service portion of the Hoop Lake Road, which is the primary access to this part of the district. This road has had very little maintenance for many years. This work will enhance drainage and reduce sedimentation entering the adjacent East Fork Beaver Creek.   The Hoop Lake Campground and Trailhead provide access to outstanding recreation opportunities in the area. 

Colorado Youth Corps

$20,000.00 to support the Corps 2019 Trail construction and rehabilitation projects, including those in the Glassier Equestrian Trail, Roaring Fork Valley area, the Chris Park Trail System, near Durango, and the Gray Back Peak Trail, near Cheyenne Mountain/Colorado Springs. Heritage and Trail funds will help support a full equestrian crew and fuel, food, gear, protective equipment, tool, and transportation for the Youth Corps.  This grant is especially valuable in that it will complete critical trail work , while at the same time provide numerous Colorado youth with the opportunity to develop important work, responsibility, and life skills that they can use for years and years to come. 

Western Slope Conservation Center

$10,000.00 to support 2019 equestrian trail rehabilitation work in the Paonia District of Gunnison National Forest. Projects will include much-needed maintenance work across the entire Paonia Ranger District, using highly skilled and independent interns. The district will work with Conservation Legacy to develop a hands-on educational professional development opportunity for two young people interested in a career in natural resources management. The Heritage and Trails grant will help fund two additional volunteer trail days to engage local residents in trail maintenance and construction in the National Forest. 

None of this work would be possible without the significant and generous support from Roundup Riders. Your dedication to the Heritage and Trails Foundation is having a profound and lasting impact on our state, the public trails that benefit Coloradans and tourists alike, and, perhaps most important, the development of our youth. The Heritage and Trails Foundation Board thanks you!

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