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Highlights from a few projects in 2017 

Western Slope Conservation Center

The donations from 3R funded two work weeks of a youth trail crew from Western Colorado Conservation Corps (WCCC). This engaged eight young adults for 80 hours of trail feature construction. The WCCC crew built 5 native stone turnpikes spanning perennial bog areas on the Throughline Trail. Thousands of pounds of rocks were moved and the turnpikes span of 300 feet of trail segments. In addition to the turnpikes, the crew widened the trail tread in dangerous areas, brushed the trail corridor for a total of four miles, and reestablished drainage by rebuilding old water bars and installing four new drainage structures.

Colorado Youth Corps Association

Chris Park Trail - San Juan National Forest: constructed a turnpike raised tread feature and re-vegetated non-system trails to ensure rider safety.  

Eldorado Canyon Trail - Eldorado Canon State Park: improved .5 miles of trail and constructed 7 wood pinner steps for riders to sagely reach the ridgeline. 

Green Mountain Trail - Rocky Mountain National Park: moved 6 cubic yards of dirt tread fill and covered almost all of the structures requiring the material on the trail.  Also cleaned drains on roughly 2.5 miles of trail.

The Colorado Trail Foundation

There were 338 volunteer trail crew participants; that put in 7,141 hours of volunteer time. The season was a big success and volunteers were able to complete all goals. Highlights include: muck eliminated and trail firmed up at multiple locations, construction of 0.4 miles of new trail at Hancock (0.37mi) and Illinois Creek (0.03 miles), 60 lineal feet of turnpike constructed, dismantled logjam and placed 60 tons of rock to protect the Elk Creek Streambank, among much more.

Volunteers For Outdoor Colorado

Thanks to the generous support of the Foundation, Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado (VOC) was able to make tangible, lasting impacts on equestrian-use trails across the state, completing 10 projects at eight locations including sections of the iconic and heavily traveled Continental Divide Trail and Lost Creek Wilderness, among others. These projects represented a mix of both new equestrian trail construction as well as greatly needed maintenance and restoration of popular existing routes. Through this grant, VOC successfully engaged 474 volunteers on these projects for a total of 5,996 hours of service.

Colorado State University - Equine

Through donations from the Foundation CSU was able to help demolish and reconstruct four bridges that were rotting and unsafe for horse and pack stock.  CSU packed in more that 50 treated planks to rebuild these 25 year old bridges on McIntyre Creek.  

In addition they took a handful of other trips to Red Feather Lakes trail in the Rawahs Wilderness and cleared more than 55 10" diameter trees on 11 trails to keep them open to the public. 

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