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Horsemen Dedicated to Creating and Maintaining Public Trails since 1984
Mission Statement

To provide supplemental funding to National, State and local groups or entities for trails and equestrian related projects for public enjoyment and use.

The Heritage and Trails Foundation of the Roundup Riders of the Rockies, founded in 1984, is proud to have helped fund numerous projects throughout Colorado over many years. Many of our grants have been to various Ranger Districts of the National Forest Service. However, it is important to note that numerous grants to other organizations indirectly support the Forest Service through the work they do in the Forests. Good examples of this would be the Colorado Youth Corps, the Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado, and the Colorado Trail Foundation. We are proud to support work on the lands that benefit the public in so many ways. Trail repair work, bridge building, new trail work, rerouting of trails, safety work along trails, and so much more is accomplished through support from the Heritage and Trails Foundation. Additionally, we work with our Colorado State Parks, various Open Space groups, and other private organizations that encourage the equestrian use of trails and lands open to the public throughout Colorado and parts of Wyoming.

H&T has been working with Western Slope Conservation Center for years, here is a short video to see the work H&T has helped accomplished. Video


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